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Heat exchangers are used for heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation of a liquid, gas, steam, and their mixtures. Heat exchangers are applied in oil, oil-refining, chemical, gas and other industries. ​

Apparatuses are manufactured and supplied with fixed tube grids (type N), expansion joint on casing (type K), with a floating head (type P) and U-shaped tubes (type U) according to.

  • Specs.3612-023-00220302-01 (Shell-tube heat​ exchangers with a floating head, shell-tube heat exchangers with U-shaped tubes and tube bundles to them);​
  • Specs.3644-006-00220302-99 (Evaporators and refrigeration condensers);​
  • Specs.3612-007-00220302-99 (Vacuum condensers);​
  • Specs.3612-013-00220302-99 (Evaporators with a vapor space);​
  • Specs.3612-014-00220302-99 («Tube-in-tube» heat exchangers);​
  • Specs.3612-005-00220302-98 (Thermosiphon evaporators);​
  • Specs.3612-024-00220302-02 (Shell-tube heat exchangers with fixed tube grids and shell-tube heat exchangers with expansion joint on casing).
  • По согласованию, возможно изготовление нестандартных теплообменных аппаратов на основании индивидуальных технических проектов заказчика.

Moreover it is possible to manufacture non-standard heat exchangers on the basis of individual technical projects of the Customer.​

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